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Create Your Own Custom Gaming Setup: All Available At Our Open Sale

Hello Rebellion Members! Things are getting heated up as we approach the Black Shark 3 open sale. But we would like to take some time to talk more about how you can customise your all new gaming setup. So let’s talk a little about some accessories that you can use with our latest device.

The Gamepad

Sometimes touch controls can get a bit awkward when using them during gameplay, and with the added pain that your thumbs block the action during your gameplay sometimes you may want an alternative solution to your mobile gaming setup. With 12 customisable buttons, physical joystick and precision touchpad you may have everything you need to end this gaming shortcomings with our gamepad.

The structure of the gamepad is fairly easy to understand and is easy to learn to incorporate into your gaming experience. As you can see by the structure of the gamepad you will have all the functions that you come to expect from a gaming experience from your console or pc except we will be offering this on your mobile device instead. Here is the layout of the gamepad so you can get an idea of how it works:

Now how exactly would you set up this device? Here is a video that shows you what to do:

So let’s briefly recap every stage required to set up the gamepad:

  • Attach the gamepad to the phone, first by putting the base on the phone and then connecting each side of the gamepad to the case
  • Switch on the gamepad from each side piece.
  • Enter Sharkspace and go to gamepad settings.
  • Connect the gamepad via bluetooth and tap the bluetooth device on the phone.
  • Check the responses from the gamepad to make sure that it is working correctly.
  • Map the buttons for custom control, you can press the right function button to show key mapping and drag the virtual gamepad to the customised key mapping and save it.
  • Then it is time to start dominating your games and become a real champion.

The Funcooler

Another impressive accessory to add to the gaming setup is the funcooler. Ever feel like your setup needs a cool down in the heat of gameplay? Well with the funcooler you can be certain that your device will stay cool in all those situations. Here is a video showing you how cool you can expect it to get:

So how do we set up the funcooler to your setup? Here is another video showing you each stage to set it up for you:

So let’s briefly recap every stage required to set up the funcooler:

  • Connect the funcooler to the charger.
  • Switch the funcooler on.
  • Mount the funcooler on the phone.
  • Go into Shark Kit and connect the funcooler to your phone.
  • Select the level of cooling from the cooler.
  • Go to the lighting settings and choose a lighting mode of the cooler and then a colour scheme.
  • Then you can enjoy your new cooler experience.

The Bluetooth Headset

Every great gaming setup includes a good gaming headset. With this bluetooth gaming headset you can enjoy the thrills of immersive gameplay and low latency. With a stable and comfortable design with RGB lighting to show off to all your friends. See our video to get a true idea of what experience you can get from the impressive headset.

So here are just a few impressive things that you have to look forward to when creating your own custom gaming setup. Stay tuned for more exciting new products we have to announce and any news about our products too.