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How to Customize Master Touch

Master touch is set to be an awesome feature for your Black Shark  smartphone.  Master Touch 3.0 will give you two extra sensitive hotkeys by just doing a simple press on the screen, the perfect way of making sure that every touch matters. With double the amount of pressure sensors, Black Shark 3 will recognise your press more accurately than ever, this even includes the edge of the screen. This for sure will give you the edge over your foes at any time you pick up and play.


 So how do we set up this awesome feature and make the Master Touch work to your personal liking? Here is a video about that will explain it to you:

So, let’s run down each step for you starting from the beginning:

1.Open Shark Space

As soon as you are in Shark Space, you will be in the menu which will allow you to use the Master Touch Function.

2.Tap into the Game you want to adjust

You are then able to select any game that you would like to adjust the Master Touch settings in, just simply select the game by pressing on it in the menu.

3.Slide Down from the upper right corner

While you are in the game, just simply slide down from the upper right corner to bring up the menu.

4.Tap on Master Touch

From the menu, you can just simply tap on Master Touch to bring up Master Touch settings.

5.Advanced settings

From here you will be sent to advanced settings, which will allow you to adjust the pressure sensing to the exact way that you would like to set them.

6.Drag “L” and “R” to any desired function key

You are then able to adjust your selected tap functions to the way that you would personally desire.

 7. Enjoy

And there we have it; Master Touch settings have been adjusted to the exact customised style of gameplay. Now that you have your own custom game style it is now time to play like a champion and have the edge in every game.

We really hope that our uses are able to perform better than ever with this feature and we look forward to seeing our champions show off their skills to the world. Please be sure to stay tuned for any more updates and exciting news.