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Join Us As We Unlock Accessories For The Arrival Of The Black Shark 5 And Black Shark 5Pro

If you don’t already have a Black Shark gaming smartphone? Now is a great time to get one with the launch of the all new Black Shark 5Pro, powered by the awesomely powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 from Qualcomm along with its sister phone the Black Shark 5. For a limited time you can get one of these awesome gaming smartphones with free Black Shark accessory. Let me tell you how.

Black Shark 5 and 5Pro Achievement Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of these awesome phones, we are giving our subscribers to Black Shark a free accessory as a gift when they purchase a Black Shark 5 or Black Shark 5Pro. Depending on the total number of subscribers we have, the better the available accessories there will be. How can you unlock better accessories? Easy, simply subscribe yourself and share the news to your friends and social media, telling them about this deal and how they too can not only help you but themselves get this awesome deal. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word!