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Start dominating with these Black Shark 2 accessory combos

The Best Control: Console Mode

Black Shark 2 + Black Shark 2 Pro Kit

When it comes to racking up those online wins, precision control is the name of the game. Black Shark 2’s touchscreen destroys the competition with Master Touch pressure sensitivity, 0.3mm touch accuracy, and the world’s lowest latency touch. But if you prefer the tactility of physical buttons, we’ve got you covered.

For a full console-grade control experience, just add the Pro Kitcomplete with a protective case and dual gamepads. Then, play your favorite games with a physical joystick, touchpad, and 12 mappable buttons.

The Best Performance: Cooling Console Mode

Black Shark 2 + Black Shark 2 Pro Kit + Black Shark Cooling Case

Take the above Console Mode combo to the extreme with the Black Shark Cooling Case. Packing a unique vented build and integrated wafer heatsink, the Black Shark Cooling Case pushes maximum gaming performance with the addition of powerful external cooling fans. The Black Shark Gamepads slide right into the side of the cooling case so just slide, snap, and play.

Stay cool. Stay in control.

Big Screen Gaming: Host Mode

Black Shark 2 + Black Shark 2 Pro Kit + Black Shark Type-C to HDMI Cable

Check out the video to see how to personalize your gaming experience with Black Shark 2. 

The ultimate Black Shark build, turning your phone into an at-home gaming console and play your favorite Android games right on your TV at full 4K resolution and a stunningly-smooth 60Hz refresh rate. The future is no Right, don’t forget to grab the Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 Stand. Game on a wireless standalone pro controller to complete the experience.

Welcome to the Rebellion.