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The Black Shark 3 Pro is coming

We are now excited to say we are counting down the days for the pre order release of our Black Shark 3 Pro on July 7th. As soon as you preorder, the phone will arrive within 15 business days, but stock during this exciting time is limited, so be sure to grab your while you can!

This amazing model has a lot to offer and is ready to unleash the best gaming experience with the power of 5G. We will go through all the individual features to be blown away by:

Master Trigger

Need a competitive edge with your gameplay? The mechanical triggers are designed to give you a sense of classic game play with reactive buttons. Designed to give you the competitive edge with your gameplay, they also give you satisfying precise shots in first person shooters that simulates the feeling of pulling a real trigger. You are able to customise and set them up to your personal preferences and get ready to play like a champion.

Snapdragon 865

Need a system that brings you forward in the 5G Era? Qualcomm Snapdragon 856 is the world’s fastest processor. The Mobile Platform has an AI engine that can process 15 trillion operations per second, delivering the next generation of memory. It is leading the way in 5G technology with a powerhouse performance that offers more bandwidth and less battery drain. Be sure to take full advantage of the 5G era with this device.

65W Hyper Charge

Need fast charging technology helps to fill your battery in a very short time? Black Shark is proud to brag about being the first to bring the world's first dual battery series charging and parallel charging. With two batteries performing together, it is able to achieve 65W Hypercharge. The test shows that the 5000 mAh battery in the Black Shark 3 Pro only takes 12 minutes to fully charge from 50% and only 38 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% charge. Be sure to take advantage of this charging and continuing your gaming session faster.

7.1 Inch 2K Screen

This screen will help you to have a crisp and clear image on your display at all times. With the massive 7.1 inch screen and the ultra high resolution of 3120 x 1140, you can be sure that the clarity in your game play would be unmatched on a smartphone. Stay immersed with the highest quality graphics and really feel like you are a part of the game.

Sandwich Liquid Cooling

Want to ensure that your phone will never overheat? Our innovative fourth generation liquid cooling system has a creative sandwich structure that is built to keep the core cool and to enable the phone to perform to the best possible state. Be sure to always stay cool in the heat of game play with our amazing cooling.

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