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Unlock Black Shark 2 Pro’s true gaming potential with these legendary accessories

Legendary Control: Console Mode

Black Shark 2 Pro + Black Shark 2 Pro Gaming CaseRight-side Gamepad

Black Shark 2 Pro ships with a Left-side Gamepad, so you’ve got a legendary control experience, right out of the box. For a full console-grade control experience, just add the Right-side Gamepadcomplete with a physical joystick, touchpad, and 12 mappable buttons.

Big Screen Gaming: Host Mode

Black Shark 2 Pro Right-side Gamepad+ Black Shark Type-C to HDMI Cable

Optional: Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 Stand

Are you a true gaming enthusiast? Then this is your endgame: the ultimate Black Shark build. Turn your phone into an at-home gaming console and play your favorite Android games right on your TV at full 4K resolution and a stunningly-smooth 60Hz refresh rate. The future is now.

To complete the experience, grab the Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 Stand, and you can game on a wireless standalone pro controller. 

Whether you’re gaming at home or on the go, Black Shark has your back with legendary performance, legendary control, and legendary gaming innovation. But that’s just the beginning. Mix and match all of your favorite Black Shark accessories (like our Gaming Earphones) and personalize your gaming experience.

Welcome to the Rebellion.