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Welcome To The 5G Era: Black Shark 3 is on it’s way!

 Hello Rebellion Members!

Something is brewing in the waves, something very exciting. The rebellion we soon rejoice with the master launching a campaign, but what is the launch campaign for? We are excited to announce that the launch campaign will be for the greatly anticipated Black Shark 3 on May 8th 2020. To celebrate this occasion, in the campaign you will have the opportunity to earn some coupons.

This campaign will be structured in different parts. We will give you a detail explanation of each of these stages by explaining them below:

 The firstpart is the Black Shark Q&A which will start April 30th and will end May 7th, in this stage of the campaign you will be asked to complete an online Q&A to have an opportunity to win some awesome prizes. Some of the prizes that are up for grabs include the following:

  • 5 Winners: $/£/€50 coupon for Blackshark 3&3Pro only
  • 10 Winners: $/£/€30 coupon for Black Shark3&3Pro only
  • 20 Winners: 25% off on accessory when user buy both Black Shark 3 and accessory
  • 20 Winners: 50% off coupon for FunCooler Pro
  • 30 Winners: $/£/€10 coupon for Black Shark 3&3Pro only

The second part will be the open sale for Black Shark 3 and this will take place May 8th, this stage will give you the opportunity to get your hands on our latest phone. 

We also have some more exciting news coming in. If you are one of the first hundred users for the Black Shark 3, you will earn our early bird prize which is a free Magnet Charging Cable.

Find out more details and to join our campaign page. Click the link below.