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All for Gamers: Black Shark's CEO Harrison Luo Reaffirms The Brand Value

February 7th, 2022 - The CEO of Black Shark, Harrison Luo, released a public video at the beginning of 2022 to reflect on Black Shark's 2021 and restate Black Shark's brand value: all for gamers. Despite it's a challenging year of 2021, Black Shark has gained substantial development by relentlessly bringing the best gaming products dedicate to all gamers. Looking forward, Black Shark will keep bringing more top-tier gaming products to gamers with the firm belief: all for gamers.

All for Gamers

Who are the top gamers? They are gaming enthusiasts who are eager to win; they are trendsetters with distinctive personalities; they are energetic youth. From the beginning of its establishment, Black Shark is committed to provide the ultimate mobile gaming experience for the gamers. The gamers are the ones who made Black Shark possible, and they are also the ones who inspire Black Shark to keep progressing and growing. In addition to all for gamers, the brand value of Black Shark also includes: embrace changes, be responsible and honest, and be united and open. The grand brand mission for Black Shark is to become the world’s top gaming technology company.

Leading Technologies in Gaming Industry

In the past years, Black Shark has made breakthroughs in gaming phones and gaming accessories. Since Black Shark was founded in 2017, it has been leading the entire gaming phone industry with impressive innovative technologies: liquid cooling, mechanical shoulder triggers, fast charging, gaming accessories. With the ground-breaking innovative gaming technologies, Black Shark has built many milestones that led the entire mobile gaming phone industry.

In 2018, Black Shark's first gaming phone was launched, and for the first time PC liquid cooling technology was applied to a mobile phone, greatly improving the cooling capacity of the phone and effectively enhancing the gaming experience. Nowadays, liquid cooling technology has become an essential feature for high-performance flagship phones. While the entire gaming phone industry is using virtual shoulder triggers, Black Shark created the world's first mechanical pop-up shoulder triggers, bringing the console-level tactile feeling of pulling the triggers to gaming enthusiasts. The Black Shark's  mechanical pop-up shoulder triggers is a revolutionary milestone innovation; the gaming experience it brings is also a benchmark in the gaming phone market. The unique design of Black Shark gaming phones also embody its gaming aesthetics. Black Shark also customized a gaming-oriented operating system, the JOYUI. Shark Space makes it possible for gamers to customize game controls that fit them the most. And Black Shark also introduced an AI assistant, Shark Chang, that brings more fun for gamers. Black Shark strives to better serve gamers with the most advanced technologies.

The Future

As the pioneer of the gaming phone industry, Black Shark has so far launched nine gaming phones and more than twenty gaming accessories, including earphones, controllers, coolers and more. Black Shark has always ranked the first-tier in the market share for both the gaming phone category and gaming accessories. Black Shark has more than 2 million users worldwide. In addition to the gamers in China, Black Shark has entered more than 200 countries and regions such as UK, Spain, France, Malaysia and Japan, which shapes a global gaming community.

Black Shark's future holds infinite possibilities. New technologies and new trends are emerging in recent years, 5G, AI, VR, metaverse, Internet of things etc,. However, the core value of the Black Shark will never change: all for gamers - every effort is for the gamers who love games and desire to win. In the past, Black Shark and gamers made great success together; in the future, Black Shark will keep its brief, all for gamers, and become a renowned gaming brand worldwide.

About Black Shark

Gaming technology company Black Shark develops a gaming ecosystem based on hardware, software and services. Black Shark aims to provide an unmatched and unique gaming experience and builds the best gaming world with global gamers. Black Shark is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit the company’s global website: